Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Jul 8, 2012

Up, Close & Personal: Expansion - A beautiful sculpture by Paige Bradley

The beauty of the Lotus posture, the meditative outlook of the form and the light emanating from within this sculpture, created a Haiku like poetry about Spirituality which caught my eye, when I came across it, earlier this month. I decided to seek out the artist Paige Bradley and try to find what inspired her to create this iconic sculpture known as “Expansion”…

Expansion by Paige Bradley

“From the moment we are born, the world tends to have a container already built for us to fit inside: A social security number, a gender, a race, a profession or an I.Q. I ponder if we are more defined by the container we are in, rather than what we are inside. Would we recognize ourselves if we could expand beyond our bodies? Would we still be able to exist if we were authentically 'un-contained'?”, says Paige Bradley

Though Ms Paige Bradley was off work, as she is in the family way, she was gracious enough to have her office sent me the images below that I am sharing in this post. I wish her all the positive energy to form within to create many more such wonderful creations…

A Brief Note…
Expansion in different light


Paige Bradley was born in Carmel, California Paige Bradley knew she would be an artist by the age of nine. Immersed in nature and art, Bradley's fascination with the human figure began early. She believed that through the figure an artist could speak a universal language that is timeless and essential.

Paige Bradley started drawing from the nude model by the age of ten and by fifteen was studying intensely at university campuses during the summer months. Knowing that she was naturally a sculptor, at seventeen she cast her first bronze sculpture.

Annually, Paige Bradley has several solo exhibitions, and her work can be seen in selected galleries throughout the world. In 2004 she moved her studio from California to New York City. In the spring of 2007 she moved to London, where she currently works full time.

Paige's work is full of dichotomies: both the beautiful and the ugly, the liberated and the contained, the falling and the floating. She is always in control of form but not imprisoned by its literality. The subject matter becomes the most important -- not narrowly feminist, but rather humanistic betrayals of modern emotion. Paige's work is becoming a valuable keystone for the missing figure in contemporary art. Only in her early thirties, Paige Bradley's talent and artistic achievements have already gained her much notoriety.
Ever growing sky line behind Sculpture Expansion by Paige Bradley

To read more about her and see her beautiful work, please log on to her website… PaigeBradley
I thank Ms. Paige Bradley for her support and the images and wish her all the best.

The light within - Expansion by Paige Bradley

नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya 

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  1. What a gr8 and appealing structure. Good post....

  2. a wonderful post...
    I saw this sculpture(picture of it) on a website a couple years and wondered who created such an incredible work of art...
    Thank you for sharing here...
    Take Care...


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