Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Apr 24, 2013

HAIKU TEA : Session III - Drifting Apart

HaikuTea - April 2013 (15 Collaborators)

If you write, love collaborative writing, enthusiast of poetry and enjoy writing short verse like Haiku, Tanka, Renga, Renshi etc, then Haiku Tea sessions are for you... (Click here to join in for the Session III) Some weeks back I have had created a group on Google Plus for Haiku enthusiasts and through a suggestion of one of the friends, I started Linked Verse Sessions known as 'HaikuTea' on the lines of traditional Japanese style of public collaboration of writing poetry, where were quite popular in ancient Japan and China. These HaikuTea session at the group is getting to be quite popular in the group and the result - The Final Verse of 19 poets linked verse is for you to judge about the excellent quality of work these session produce... each one with their color and hue, paint the canvass of the emotions, feelings and thoughts in brilliant shades... Loved it.

The poets who are linked in these sessions are through invites only. If you are interested to be invited, please leave a comment on this link, (Click Here) with your concurrence AFTER READING THE RULES OF COLLABORATION.... 

The HaikuTea Session IV starts on 29th April.

The previous two session was wonderful and will be published in various blogs, forums by the members as well as will be printed as a collection by end of the year...

Now the final collection of verses by the 15 amazing poets is given below and their name's and links provided next to their lines...


Drifting apart life, 
Memories float under bridge
Where riverbanks meet?                         +Shashi S 
Balanced reveries across 
Sunset Nirvāṇa.                                      +Berteena Gaines 
Are you awake or dreaming?
Only Buddha knows                                +Harley King 
Where the ashes of past lives
Drift, to their karma.                                +Gabri Rigotti  
they rise in treaty with gods
who never answered                               +Joe Nicholas  

Torn faith fleeting, feelings frayed.
Expectations spent.                                +jamer nicholls 
pockets empty, homeward trudge
red-sun silhouettes                                 +Carolyn St.Charles 
For love-dreaming lovers, dark!
Come to their dreaming                        +craig volney 
Promise of eternity
Wrapped in each other                          +John Belchamber 
Moments become memories
Frozen in the seconds                           +Tammy Wright

Sad smile, hiding a secret
Love lost in the flow                                +Francis JA 
Gone.  All Gone.  Supremely Gone
To the other side                                    +Jim Williams 
i follow hope, feet fearful -
the slack line trembles                           +Naomi Madelin 
Contemplation, Line pulls taut
Decision made...walk                            +A. M. Frasier 
Back to spiritual life,
Together again                                    +Steve Yagyagan 

To participate in this next collaborative poetry @ HaikuTea, please read the simple rules below… 

1) This is invite only effort, so you need to get invited. So leave a comment below to be invited.
2) You will have to have a Google Plus account and have to be a member of the Group Haiku at Google Plus
3) Once you are invited, you will be given a chronicle order, on the basis of your joining. You will have to write your linked verse, after a particular member which will be listed out on the HaikuTea page at the group.
4) At your turn you will have to write within 24 hours your own linked verse.
5) The linked verse have to have the first line as the last line of the previous linked verse and rest of the two lines you will have to create on your own.
6) You will have to follow the short form of poetry, preferably in the 5-7-5 Syllable format.
7) If, for any reason, you are not able to write your own verse within 24 hours, the next person in the order will be free to write his / her own verse, within 24 hours… and so on.
8) Each HaikuTea linked verses will go on till every member of the group has finished writing one of his/her own or if the linked verse has gone beyond 100 linked verses or a particular time limit which will be decided by the moderator of the HaikuTea.
9) The compilation of the individual verses will be done at the end by a person nominated by the moderator and/or the members.
10) Final decision on this collaboration is with the moderator.
PLEASE NOTE: You agree, by participating for this collaborative poetry HaikuTea Sessions, to be published in various blogs by the members (with due credit to each individual participating) as well as a final collection to be printed by end of the year. Look forward to your joining in the team…. Please click here to join HaikuTea....
Let me know if you have any questions.

To participate in the ongoing Session IV at Haiku Tea, please click here...

नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

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