Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Aug 23, 2010

DESIGN STREET and the blast from the past...

I was in discussion with some of my architect friends, and the thought went on to the way our bodies have not been designed to sit. we have been designed to either lie down or walk on four legs, even standing is something that is not natural to us, we need to learn this balancing act. This got me thinking and then I thought of finding some of the iconic chairs and how they have progressed. In this design street section, I have just put them up for you to draw your own conclusion ...

Then there are some very interesting blast from the past... first is the book "Emerging Mind" of V S Ramachandran, considered to be one of the 100 Scientists of the century, which had impressed me the first time I read almost a decade back, and this week it came back to me in some discussions. This is a book a layman can understand about Brain and the most interesting section is on how our brains perceive art and beauty. His first book too created quite a stir - "Phantoms in the brain"

The Movie i have put here is something that I had again seen ages ago and it stuck in my mind and some how this kept coming back to me this week. So here is Samsara for you - a movie by an Indian director which was showcased in Canada. And here is what one of the reviewers said about the movie....

Staggeringly Beautiful! A film that explores desires, destiny and spirituality. Truly a visual feast. A serene and welcome escape from the frantic pace of everyday life. Performances are marvelous, especially Shawn Ku's Tashi, whose exploration of conscience is transparent, and Christ Chung's Pema, is sublime and graceful. Possibly is as close to Shangri-La as we will ever get. Samsara is a haunting, cinematic and spiritual love story to savor. -Urban Cinefile, Australia

The music: is Celtic Thunder... like it a lot. Ok this is not a blast from past but a blast nevertheless.

I recently come across "One Stop Poetry" blog by Adam Dustus, who show cases poetic talents of friends... if you like you can add your poetry to the blog and here is mine ONE SHOT 
Click here to read

Some details blow on how to submit your own poetry....

Welcome to One Shot Wednesday - highlight your poetic talents 

My name is
 Adam Dustus. Welcome to One Shot for our 11th week! I am extremely happy to be part of this supportive peer community of talented poets. Let the fun begin!
New to One Shot Wednesday? Here's a quick recap of how it works:

1. Write a poetic piece & post it on your blog
2. Then let us know about your post. Link back to One Shot
3. Sign up in the Mr Linky list, linking directly to your post, AFTER you've posted it.
4. Go visit others who have signed up! Offer support & encouragement. Share your love of words and insight respectfully. Please try to visit as many participating poets as you can. We all could use and appreciate kind feedback.

All forms of poetry are accepted for One Shot Wednesday. Everyone is welcome.

Click here to post your own poetry


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