Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Aug 16, 2010

Welcome to the 9th edition of “Shadow Dancing with mind"

Welcome to the 9th edition of “Shadow Dancing with Mind” 

Yogi Baba - An untold story discovers the life of the daughter of a priest and Krishna, the son of the boatman, raised in the monastery after the flood displaced them from their home.
The priest's daughter, in this chapter is on the verge of discovering her bond with a young Bhikshu, living in the monastery beyond the forest... her songs attract him, and he dreams of her singing ... His guru guides him to seek her out and find his answers.... 

Whispering of desires, conflicts and shattered dreams. 

The touch that lingers

Like phantoms of my mind... lines from the Shattered dreams. 

This time, I have included a verse from Pablo Neruda -  "Body of a Woman". This verse as one of the writer said is an introductory text to the poetry of desire.
Body of a woman, white hills, white thighs,
You look like a world, lying in surrender

The Reader takes you to the world of being a sucker by reading into history of rare events and expecting them to happen again. The Black Swan Theory or "Theory of Black Swan Events" was developed by Nassim Nicholas Taleb to explain 1) the disproportionate role of high-impact, hard-to-predict, and rare events that are beyond the realm of normal expectations in history, science, finance and technology, 2) the non-computability of the probability of the consequential rare events using scientific methods (owing to their very nature of small probabilities) and 3) the psychological biases that make people individually and collectively blind to uncertainty and unaware of the massive role of the rare event in historical affairs.

The still life is going to take you into the world of Sadhu's from various places. Some of the interesting portraits that I have had captured along my journeys is here for you to enjoy.

Hope you like this edition of Shadow Dancing with Mind; look forward to seeing your comment this week too. I really appreciate when you write to me or leave me comments here. It gets me going, week by week. Please feel free to join in and suggest if something that you don’t like.

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
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