Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Jan 12, 2011

WHISPERS: Reflections From A Dark Night...

Some free form Haiku from the banks of Holy River Ganges
Rishikesh – Himalaya
River comes to shore
Are you lonesome tonight?
Flow with me
Drenched in the darkness of night
Passion play with the raining drops
River silently takes them along
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Reflecting another dark night

Why this night
Is dark, misty and full of snow
Is it my heart,
That is growing cold
As, I run, re-runs
Of our passions
Night after night

Do you feel that touch –
Fires of passion
Still burning my heart
When time lost all control
And merged within

I do!

I do feel the feeling
The warmth and the taut touch
Of ‘becoming’
The entwined fingers
Scratching on the fabric of night
Blood red sun rays out,
And, the silent night
Startled, with passionate cries
In morning sky

Crisscrossed love
– Tattooed on the chest

With bleeding heart in hand
I am, now
Looking for shattered pieces
In your absolute silence
I know you are there somewhere
Thinking about your night
I am thinking of the night too
That night, as you passed
Through the terminal gates of no return
And bit by bit
I died

The wet road reflect
Silently blinking amber light
Car passes by, reflecting another dark night
नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

 Submitted to One Shot Wednesday – WK 28
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  1. This was drenched in a passionate dance of soul and shadowy embrace, an intensity building deep within, but then the elusive nature of the self in glimpsing if only for a moment the ocean meeting the shore the glory of what is possible.

    Powerful sensual and intense poem.


  2. oh i felt that leaving there in end the bit by bit...nice one shot

  3. well done, full of passion ;)

  4. The first haiku was such a summing up of what you've been expressing lately I thought that would be my favorite, but your long poem of reflection on the meaning of night and the past stole the honors. Beautiful and full of loss and longing.

  5. I find an intensity in your haiku, and in
    "Reflecting another dark night," which expresses an obsessive quality of recalling love and vulnerability. Great detail, and seemingly effortless flow to your poems. "With bleeding heart in hand / I am, now / Looking for shattered pieces / In your absolute silence." Moving poetry, Shashi. Cheers

  6. I felt an intensity in the haiku...amazing expression. "Reflecting another dark night," had me by every line

  7. intense, passionate and absolutely beautiful!

    thank you, Shashi

  8. There seems to be a connectedness between the first poem - with the river silently carrying the raindrops along -- and the second poem -- with shattered pieces disappearing into the silence.

    Absolutely beautiful.

  9. The entwined fingers
    Scratching on the fabric of night - fabulous line. beautifully written

  10. What I love, Shashi, about your haiku, is the far-thrown effect: I find this in Basho, where he rounds up the haiku in very succinct ways, but he doesn't narrow the scope of the intention.

    There is almost an off=handedness in his haiku that you have to 'think' to understand. Some of yours have this same effect on me...I have to think in broader terms.

    This! I what makes haiku a challenge.

    Regardless, your haiku is shimmering beauty!

    Lady Nyo

  11. I can feel the emotion in these. Especially liked the image, "Crisscrossed love
    – Tattooed on the chest" Thanks for your deep thoughts on the pebble in the sand image in my poem "The Lion Tamer," great thoughts and yes, ironic!

  12. Thanks friends for liking the post. It was great to post something for One Stop Poetry and specially to One shot Wednesday. Thanks for wonderful appreciation... I am grateful.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  13. A wonderful and emotional journey, enjoyed immensley through compelling words that can not help but immerse the reader and appreciater deep within the mind of the poet. Lovingly and compassionately penned.

  14. Dear Asobime

    To continue our discussion from your haiku Post to mine and you this reply.. here are my thoughts further...

    As said in the presentation, I believe the most important aspect of Haiku is its ability to get the reader to reflect on what he / she has read - reflect as in thinking, reflect as in creating an image or reflect as in taking it further.. haiku should have the effect of making the reader sit up and notice something... and this happens when it comes to the reader in simple words, the big thoughts, or the contrasting images...

    I am happy that you could see that in my Haiku. Most of the times I try to write about life.... pain ... love... of happiness in such a way that it gets you to think... most of the times I write Haiku to get me to think more deeper... words you know I have always believed has a therapeutic effect.. and haiku is one such great medicine for soul... some times it like vitamin and some times its suppressant of high emotional turmoil... Yes this is what makes haiku a very interesting form.. a seed that has to grow in to you to form a tree... that is what it is.. a seed that has the whole tree in it...

    Well Basho was a great master... and I am nothing in comparison to him and I really dont know if I write haiku in the right sense of it.. ;-)

    I am grateful that such a fine poet like you liked my words... I am honored.

    thank you very much...

    Om Namah Shivaya

  15. Shashi, there is a sense of loneliness in both the haiku and in the longer piece that is both poignant and delicate--quite lovely. i think i like best the first of the 2 haiku--something about the river and the loneliness together really resonate with me. i love this piece.

  16. The first haiku was really very beautiful, Shashi...

    And your One Shot poem was absolutely fantastic! Layered with emotions, it fathoms the depths of love, of passion, of pain, of loss... I really liked the flow of the poem..
    "The entwined fingers
    Scratching on the fabric of night" -- these lines were my absolute FAVORITE!! Truly beautiful..

  17. Love the haikus and the wrap-up/final poem was good, too. Enjoyed the "amber light" and "dark night," sounds like January to me.

  18. "Drenched in the darkness of night
    Passion play with the raining drops
    River silently takes them along"

    Stunning! As is your One Shot poem. I loved the 'Monday One Stop Poetry Form Haiku' piece ~ I learned there is so much I need to learn. Thank you for your part in the piece.
    dani {@poetrypassionbakr on Twitter}

  19. Some delightfully image-intensive works as ever, Shashi! Descriptive and emotional.

    And by the by, I was so glad to see your little piece on Haiku for One Stop this week. Nice, detailed read-out for interested poets.

  20. Your Haiku poems were beautiful reflective. I loved your last poem, drenched with passion and intensity. The pain of loss so vividly displayed as well. Thank you for sharing.

  21. Shashi these are very nice. I especially like your One Shot.

  22. You are a gifted poet Sashi. The poems are beautiful and I love the picture too.


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