Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Jan 20, 2011

The 14th Edition of "Shadow Dancing with Mind"

Welcome to 14th Edition of “Shadow Dancing With Mind” – the first of the year 2011. To begin with let me wish every one a great, healthy and prosperous year ahead. This year end, I have spent in a most spiritual place in Himalaya’s – Rishikesh at the Sivananda Ashram (Divine Life Society ) and have had the profound experience of calm and bliss, when the first time I spent 3 hours in silent meditation on the new year eve. Here is to all, some spiritual energy from the place.

This Edition has the following topics.

TALKING POINT: This is a transcription of the conversation between world’s two great minds, Albert Einstein and Rabindranath Tagore, both Noble laureates working on two different fields of human aspects, come together on 14th July, 1930 and discussed some common question facing mankind since the beginning of thoughts, philosophy and science….

THE READER: Man's Search For Meaning - Dr. Viktor Frankl
I have had come across a great book "Man's Search For Meaning" written by Dr. Viktor Frankl, a survivor of Auschwitz.  He developed his ideas on Human Psyche now generally known as the Third School of Viennese Psychiatry - The school of Logotherapy.

STILL LIFE: This time, this section is special as I was travelling to an Ashram, so have divided into two sections.

Since 27th December, 2010 I was on a trip to Sivananda Ashram at Rishikesh, on the foothills of Himalayas for a week of mediation. Rishikesh is Yoga Capital of the world according to some and for me its one of the powerful centers of positivity.

Gateway Buddha Cafe - A Spiritual journey
Start of an interesting year in an interesting way. I took a week’s off from work to take on a spiritual journey towards Himalaya’s. Rishikesh has always been my favorite place to download all the negative energy that gets accumulated in me, while living in the concrete jungle of various metro’s and the cities over the year…

WHISPERS: This time whispers have two sections of poetry, with each section having some selected free form Haiku, my favorite style of poetry. The first verse is about living life as a wandering soul, still searching for meaning and the other is about pain and longing from a night…

The Wanderer...
Submitted to One Shot Wednesday WK 29

Reflections From A Dark Night...
Submitted to One Shot Wednesday WK 28

Hope that you would like this edition and wish you again a great year ahead.
Please join in to follow the path with me, in search of meaning through various thoughts and writings and discussions here…

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

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  1. This is a wonderful post Sir..
    a great journey...i haven't been able to read for a long time nw..I will catch up on that...
    happy blogging :)

  2. lovely post..Shashi..I will be spending some time here.. picking up some wisdom...

  3. I will be reading Frankl thanks to you. So many wonderful selections again.


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