Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

I'll be grateful if you...

Oct 25, 2010

WHISPERS: Another life time...

My mind seeks
Chaos is certain


Your love unfolds me
Into being
What I will be

Desire to hold you
A screaming need
Of my every sigh
This post was posted empty in year 2010, with a promise to myself, that I will come back to this post and write what I feel now....

When the belonging breaks, it breaks without a sound but the reverberations of that silence, echoes across many life times...  

The Kiss - Gustav Klimt
It was a pleasure spend hours together at Beveldere Museum if Vienna
watching this painting unfold hidden meanings within me
Click here to see some more...

When I think of you
Beyond living
I feel
Happy in being

When I think of you
Beyond dying
I feel
That’s all I need

To hold you forever
In my heart
To touch you beyond my grave
I just need to live beyond living

In the eternal depths of now
I got the purpose of life
To live
Beyond living

Memories, pleasures, dreams
And thoughts are just product of
Words, image or past
Nothing that is real

But love is,
Was and will be
As real as
Another life time

Shashi @ 25th Oct, 2010

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

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  1. smiles. love is as real as another life time...nothing is random man...and life has its ups and downs...glad you are still going strong to share those feelings

  2. if not this lifetime, maybe the next...thanks for sharing this reflection ~

  3. beautifully penned my friend. Rose


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